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PostSubject: Нойтора   Sat Nov 14, 2009 6:07 am

Master Swordsmanship Specialist:
Nnoitra is highly masterful with his unique Zanpakutō. He uses his
skill to become somewhat of a savage brute, as the lack of true law in
Hueco Mundo allowed him plenty of opportunity to engage in battle
against Hollows and other Arrancar alike. He effortlessly wields his
large Zanpakutō with ease, taking advantage of its unique shape to
maximize his attacks. He is highly capable of using it as a ranged
projectile as well as he does with it in hand. He is commonly seen
using brute strength to hack down an enemy's defense. Enhanced Hierro: Nnoitra holds the self-proclaimed title for the strongest Hierro
of all Arrancar (including the Espada past and present) allowing him to
withstand almost any attack with no sign of injury. Despite this
arrogant claim, his skin does not, by far, make him impervious to
attacks or impenetrable as he claims it is; presumably, his Hierro's
influences over his entire body is not uniform for every proportion as
Nel Tu in her adult form cut through his chest with no visible
difficulty (likely due to her prior combat experience with him).
Kenpachi Zaraki also eventually found the necessary requirements to
harm him after a brief trial-and-error duel, sharpening his reiatsu in
order to cut through Nnoitra's Hierro. This showed that while his
Hierro is strong, all the opponent has to do in order to overcome it is
by "adapting" to its density with their own reiatsu.

Nnoitra using Pesquisa.

Enhanced Pesquisa: Nnoitra is also very different when it comes to using his Hollow powers as an Arrancar. For example, most Arrancar's Pesquisa (ability to sense people with Spiritual Pressure)
normally works by using a meditative state and functions like sonar,
while Nnoitra needs only to put his hand to a grounded surface. His
Pesquisa is even able to gauge the amount of spiritual pressure an
opponent has, which he uses to identify potentially strong opponents;
this ability could also be classified as an Shinigami ability due to Isane Kotetsu
using a similar ability to sense the four Gargantas being sealed off.
It is unknown if this version could be used to accurately sense Reiryoku levels.

Nnoitra about to shoot his golden Cero from the tip of his tongue

Cero: His Cero
attacks are uniquely golden, and are fired from the tip of his tongue
as opposed to using his hands or fingers like most other Arrancar do.
Immense Spiritual Power: Nnoitra has an incredibly high Reiatsu,
and is able to fight on par with Kenpachi Zaraki, a captain well known
for high reiatsu. It is because of this high spiritual power that
Nnoitra has strong Hierro. He is also just below the power level of the
top four Espada, who are strong enough to destroy Las Noches simply by
releasing their power.
Enhanced Strength: Despite his thin and fragile
appearance, Nnoitra is frighteningly strong and can effortlessly wield
his large Zanpakutō with devastating results. Just by spinning his
Zanpakutō by the chain-link he can create whirlwinds. Sonído:
Nnoitra has been shown to use Sonído in battle, but his skill level
with the technique is unknown. He is fast enough to overwhelm a
battle-worn Ichigo using his Bankai.


Nnoitra's Zanpakutō

Santa Teresa (聖哭螳螂 (サンタ テレサ), Santa Teresa; a common Spanish language name for "Mantis religiosa," or in English, "Praying Mantis," Japanese for "Sacred Crying Mantis"):
Nnoitra's Zanpakutō is uniquely different from the Zanpakutō of many of
the other Espada since, unlike the basic sword shape of most Arrancar,
Santa Teresa takes the form of a giant axe-like weapon bearing two
crescent moon-shaped blades fused together at the backs, with a large
looped chain connected to the shaft at the end of the handle. The chain
is connected to Nnoitra's waist, allowing him to perform long-ranged
attacks. During flashbacks to Nnoitra's time as the 8th Espada, it had
only one crescent moon blade on his Zanpakutō, as opposed to the two
that it features now, possibly reflecting his increased power and
subsequent rise in rank since then.

Santa Teresa Released

  • Resurrección: The release command is Pray (祈れ, inore).
    Nnoitra gains an extra set of arms, which take on an insect-like
    appearance, with each arm gaining a large scythe-like weapon as well.
    The scythes themselves resemble the appendages of a praying mantis, and
    have a small golden tassel and the end of each staff. He also gains a
    golden marking extending from his forehead to below his right eye. The
    weapons are used by him to both defend and then rapidly attack his
    opponent, as is seen in his fight with Kenpachi. [1]
    These weapons can be "grown" out of the folds of his wrists, allowing
    him to replace lost or damaged weapons easily. Though he can grow a
    maximum of six arms, he keeps one set hidden, which he can grow out
    instantly to perform surprise attacks. Nnoitra also gains a pair of
    horns on his head, his left horn longer than his right, resembling a
    crescent moon. His hollow mask also changes, becoming torn, with the
    teeth extending over the hole itself.

Resurrección Special Ability:

  • Enhanced Strength: In this state, his strength
    is enhanced even further, temporarily overwhelming Kenpachi before the
    latter unleashed his Kendō technique.

  • Instantaneous Regeneration: Nnoitra is one of the only Arrancar (other than Ulquiorra Cifer) who seems to have retained the Menos
    ability of Instantaneous Regeneration and can easily heal injuries to
    the point where Nnoitra can even regrow severed limbs. However, this
    recuperative capacity quickly drains as his Reiryoku reserves deplete,
    and if injured to an incredible extent, it can be halted.

edit Fracción

Tesla, Nnoitra's Fracción.

  • Tesla
    - A male Arrancar who assists Nnoitra wherever he goes. He seems to
    idolize Nnoitra to a degree, his eyepatch (though not identical)
    echoing that of his master. This is also shown when he stands by his
    act of shielding Nnoitra against Chad's last assault, despite criticism
    from Nnoitra himself. When Tesla attacks Kenpachi without assessing his
    strength, Nnoitra screams at him to get away, before Kenpachi deals
    Tesla a single, severely damaging blow, showing that despite his
    behavior, Nnoitra has some concern for Tesla's well-being.
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PostSubject: Re: Нойтора   Sat Nov 14, 2009 6:08 am


"I am calm. That's why I can fight you!"
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